Schism is an action virtual series created by A. J. Black which has aired on MZP since August 2008. It stars Lance Henriksen as Max Reischer, a 300 year old vampire and part of the Schism, a religious order of vampires. The main theme of the series explores the concept of religion in vampire society, of man vs monster and controlling your inner demons. It's a spin-off from The DSR, it's mythology exploring similar territory of vampires, werewolves and various other supernatural creatures.

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Season One: 2008Edit

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Black Dragon/Season Two: 2009Edit

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Season Three: 2010Edit

Main article: Schism episodes (season 3)



  • Family—Family
  • Prophecy/Predetermination—A
  • Trust/Betrayal—Much
  • Private/Non-Governmental Intelligence Agencies—The world of Alias has one of the largest collections of fictional intelligence agencies in the history of espionage fiction. These agencies are clandestine espionage groups that trade secrets and weapons. Fictional spy organizations that have been featured on the show include:
    • SD-6: one of twelve Section Disparu cells under the Alliance of Twelve, employing Sydney Bristow in Season 1 under the pretense that it is a black-ops division of the CIA.
    • The Alliance of Twelve: a ruthless international organization, originally formed by twelve defectors from various intelligence agencies. Each member of the Alliance of Twelve is believed to be in charge of an SD cell.
    • K-Directorate: a private agency based in Russia and staffed by veterans of communist intelligence services. It is featured mostly in Season 1.
    • FTL: based in Hong Kong and apparently specialized in more high tech espionage. It was destroyed by Julian Sark in Season 1.
    • "The Man" (aka Irina Derevko) ran an unnamed organization which destroyed FTL and co-opted K-Directorate.
    • The Covenant was introduced in season three. They had co-opted many agents of other organizations including Sark, McKenas Cole, and even (through brainwashing) Sydney.
    • Prophet Five: the organization that oversees The Shed, and is one of the oldest agencies yet to be discovered by the CIA, having been involved in some sort of high level research twenty years ago. It has been running at least one SD-6-like organization, the Shed, which Rachel Gibson was a part of. Prophet Five is in control of a communications network that reveals infiltration of major intelligence agencies such as MI-6 and others. The twelve leaders of Prophet Five were all killed by Kelly Peyton in the series finale.
    • The Trust: five US rogue partners, with places high up in the American government.
  • Clandestine operations—The



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